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September 2021 Trestle Board

posted Aug 28, 2021, 12:18 AM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master John Davis

From the East
Worshipful Master John Davis

Many of the brethren have been busy with community work, lodge maintenance, and even raising a new Entered Apprentice.

We will be returning to our stated meetings on September 7th at 7:30 pm. Unfortunately, the pandemic has thrown the world a curveball with a surge in illness. Please take what precautions you feel are necessary to protect yourself.
Please remember, there is no shame or weakness to seek help for your needs. Any one of us may need physical, mental, or spiritual help. Reach out to those who can provide that help or seek out a brother for help.

During this time, I want each one of you to think about your obligations. Is there anyone you know that needs aid? I have included a link to an excellent article about an illness that already ravaged the United States and how Masonic Aid was instrumental in recovery. 541-450-8816

WM John Davis
And Part on the Square

From the West

Senior Warden Jim Warriner

From the West
Senior Warden James Warriner

My Brothers,
Our new web site, our location on the internet, is up. Please go to and peruse the site and please submit constructive criticism and suggestions. We your Lodge officers intend this new internet presence to be one step in making a positive impression on both our local community and national and international scene.

New ceiling fans for the lodge room have been purchased (budgeted item) and a work group is needed to install them. A scissor lift is available from Grants Pass Equipment rental for $110/day plus $80 delivery and pickup.

The picnic in lieu of a moonlight degree was very successful. The lodge also sponsored not 1 but 2 “youth lemonade stands” so in spite of a pandemic and being dark in July and August the lodge has made progress and is moving forward.
We have one candidate for an EA degree, one EA who could be ready for his FC, and one FC who could be ready for his MM.

The above means we are approaching the need to confer an MM so, if you have or wish to have a role in the second section of the MM degree please let me know I am creating a list.

See you at our next stated meeting.
James Warriner
And Meet On The Level

From the South

Junior Warden Tracy Morton

From the South
Junior Warden Tracy Morton

Our July event at Brother Steve’s house was well attended. I would like to thank those who helped in the set-up and breakdown of the event. I hope that we have just as much success in the remaining events we have though the end of the year.
Personally, I have had the opportunity to be in an area during August that has lodge meetings. I had the opportunity to visit a Lodge in Memphis, TN for their Stated meeting, and I was able to attend one that conducted an EA degree. I did find it interesting how different each state conducts ritual. While it was only a slight difference, I was able to participate. The Park Avenue Lodge #362 in Memphis TN had quite an interesting set up. Although this lodge did not conduct either an FC or MM degree, I did see that they had a set up just behind the Sr Wardens station that had a Winding Staircase and items that were associated with the MM degree. The notion that these items were included in the construction of their lodge, was of an important note to me.

I feel that our experiences within Masonry help us become better individuals. The education that we bring to our meetings only enlightens each of us.

Tracy Morton
And Act by the Plumb

District Deputy 16

John Rall DD

From the Grand Lodge
RW John Rall DD16

The Grand Lodge had been quiet for most of the Summer. The only activity that I noticed from the Grand Master was his attendance at the Imperial Shrine Session in Houston, Texas over the July 4th week. He was there with the Potentates of both Al Kader and Hillah Shrine. Otherwise, the Grand Lodge was inactive like the three Lodges in District 16.

Now that fall is approaching, I look forward to my three Lodges getting active again. We did have one event this summer, our District picnic/BBQ on July 20 at Mason/Noble Steve Booth’s compound. It was well attended, and I was able to present a 50 year jewel and certificate to Mason/Noble Chuck Tressler. It was my first official presentation. Scott Smith assisted with the presentation prayer, thanks Scott. Another event that our Lodge participated in was National Lemonade Day. This was an event sponsored by the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce. It’s an event that helps young people learn how to manage a business and develop people skills. Scott Smith and I assisted one group at the corner of Fruitdale and Williams Hwy, while Jon Torbert and Jim Warriner assisted a group at the YMCA. Grants Pass Lodge was a sponsor of the event.

As fall approaches and we get back to Stated Meetings and Degree Work, please answer the call to get back involved. Our Lodges are only successful, and thriving when our brothers are actively involved. I look forward to conducting my first Official Visits this fall for Belt, Grants Pass, and Rogue River Lodges as last year they were canceled. Let’s all hope that things calm down and we can have Masonic events the remainder of the year and going into next year. I hope to see you all at our Stated Meetings soon.

Mason/Noble John Rall
District Deputy 16
And Live by the Trowel