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October 2019 Trestle Board

posted Sep 30, 2019, 1:27 PM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Chris Smith

Hello Brethren,
I would like to remind everyone of some up and coming events for October. First of course is October Stated Meeting this meeting is step up night for next year's Officers moving up the line. Next we have an Oktoberfest dinner on Oct. 8 at 6:30 pm. being put on by eastern star should be a great dinner. Lastly on Oct. 29th 7;30 pm we will be putting on a mm. degree for Chris Ford .Also on Nov 5th stated meeting we will be receiving the district deputy on his last official visit for the year this will also be officer election night...I hope everyone is enjoying this great weather we are having and i look forward to seeing many brethren at our up and coming meetings and events......and part on the square

From the West

Senior Warden Doug Sammis

Article title:


Attention getters. Here is an idea. Wear your Masonic shirt or hat or some bit of accessory that has a Mason’s emblem about it. The title of this article got your attention?” You can in your own way catch the attention of other good men in our community if you wanted to. Try to think of some straight forward approach like asking someone that you’ve just met, are you a Mason? See what kind of reply that comes up. I’m proud to be associated with good men who like to be with others of like conscious. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable around people? It makes no sense not to be in your comfort zone. I say let’s share that idea and have good men want to learn more of what makes a Mason a better man. We all could have moments together saying what I’ve just said. Why not make the effort and have a petition handy in case someone wants to know more about why you became a better man. The days of our secret society can best be described as, “The day we came out in the OPEN”. Now it’s really no secret that some brothers are always willing to speak about Masonry, and it’s more likely they’ve created a speak from what they learned over the years. I admit that my conversation skills could use a bit more experience speaking Masonry. So I am always ready to say to that potential new member, “I know someone who you could speak with about Masonry”, “Would you like to give him a call?” Let’s make some good men better today, and give them what we enjoy in our Masonic walk. Be sure to comment on our trestle boards anytime. Your input / critique is much appreciated.


From the South

Junior Warden John Davis

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