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May 2018 Trestle Board

posted Apr 23, 2018, 4:06 PM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Keith Trahern

Greetings from the East. We have several events coming up. First is the Eastern Star “Cinco de Mayo” Dinner, but it is on May 8th so let's call it the “Ocho de Mayo” Dinner. Food is being served at 6:30 pm on 05/08/2018 at the Lodge. They are making Navajo Tacos. Come down and support them.

Second is the Boatnik Event, Child ID Booth. Why am I telling everyone?? Because I would like to invite not only our Brethren, but affiliate bodies and youth groups to come down and support the Child ID and also be able to talk about what our groups do and how we give back to the community. This is a perfect opportunity to get out in front of the public.

In the last month we made an Official Visit to Belt Lodge while they did some Degrees. On the 17th we did an EA Degree for Warren Lodge. They were very pleased and said they have two more coming in in the next few months. With that said, we have had some inquiries and petitions going out. I am seeing some interest in joining the Lodge so “Time will tell”, but I am encouraged.

We have Grand Lodge coming up at the beginning of June. We are looking forward to going. Seeing old friends, making some new ones and learning
from Grand Lodge.

Lastly. We have had a few Transients sleeping around the building and hanging out there. Although we are to help our “fellowman”. We cannot have this happen. I was down there this week and found one sleeping in the back hidden part of the building. He refused to leave and I had to call the police. Then he moved on and the Police said if he returned he would be arrested. I have filed a no trespassing order with the City. So if they see anyone at anytime that does not belong there, they will arrest them. Sad that I had to to do this, but everyone's safety is more important. The building and area is Safe and the City PD said they will be patrolling around our building more often. They also said with more police presence they will move on to more secluded areas.

With that, look forward to June or July as I want to have a clean up the building work party and afternoon BBQ. It would be good to have a “Masonic Family” BBQ at the Lodge.

“God hides some ideal in every human soul. At some time in our life we feel a trembling, fearful longing to do some good thing. Life finds its noblest spring of excellence in this hidden impulse to do our best."

And Part,
On The Square

From the West

Senior Warden Chris Smith

In the face of day in and day out obligations it is easy to fall short; and in this dog eat dog world, we are only as good as our last success. When we only hear from the people in our lives when there is a problem and each of us struggle to make ends meet, a man can develop secret sorrows, known only to him. It should also be considered that we can never know what has transpired in a person's life before we have met them. This is an excellent premise for the exploration of tolerance. The behavior of our fellow men is always dictated by their experiences and mental state. Adult men know to never show worries and problems on their face and certainly never bring their problems into work. Under the clever guise of success and appearances, we tuck our failures and dark haunting far away into the shadow of ourselves. For some of us, gratefully, our suffering, self-doubt, pain and fear are but casual nightmares, that randomly pop up and go away just as easily. For others, the pain is unbearable, day after day they suffer, and hope for an end to come one day. Each and every one of us has smiling faces in our lives that tell lies, not profane lies, or adulterous lies, but simple lies of the heart, to keep up appearances and success. Pity allows no man to grow, and what is then great quest we have embarked upon? To grow as men.... To both the suffering hearts, and to the less burdened ones.... Always remember none of us can ever know a man's secret sorrows. Never assume to know so much about a person as to lay judgement upon them. Everyone in our lives has the potential to suffer greatly, in ways that only the mysteries can explain. Be grateful and interested with the next smiling face you see after reading these words and if at all possible try to see the giant stone they carry and help them drop their burdens and rest.... Restoring peace to their troubled minds...

Meet on the level

From the South

Junior Warden Doug Sammis


Greetings from the South.

May - the fifth month of a year, a measure of successful seed planting by processing the earth or from the standpoint of your Home Masonic Lodge, great moral sponsorships. May, a wonderful time of year to enjoy festivities and gather around Lodge events which invite brothers and their families to enjoy the effects of brotherly love.

Our Blue Lodge has obliged nearby district lodges help with ritual degree work. I felt a special warmth from their gratitude while we assisted in conferring a degree upon their candidates. If - and - when we are called to open our Lodge to again confer ritual assistance, I would challenge more of our Grants Pass Lodge brothers to join in and feel that same warmth. I’m convinced this can enhance your Home Lodge frame of mind. What is it we have learned about harmony? “It is the strength and support of all institutions, especially ours”.

Would all those who read this letter send back a reply either by email or phone the Lodge with a simple comment or just to say you saw this? Email your reply to: or call 541-476-3357 - leave your name and say you saw this month’s trestle board.

And Act by the Plumb