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March 2020 Trestle Board

posted Feb 26, 2020, 8:40 AM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Doug Sammis

“Our Fraternity”
My Brothers,
One of our Masonic works provides an opportunity for a good man to become a better man by being accepted into the Fraternity and supported during his growth. I point out to the brethren that this support is the basis in which everyone in the fraternity is responsible for taking an active role by showing our newest brothers a path in civility, morality, and ethical conduct. Some of us become a little rusty in our years and may slide into behaviors that can be viewed by others as not so Masonic. We are human beings and have frailties that might best be arrested with wise counsel. If a brother is paying attention to your missteps, then perhaps he may spend quality time to share particular words meant to stir a wakeup call back to what we are charged with, Our Masonic Walk. Always try and remember that help is within reach from many in our Fraternity for indeed it is our brand that makes us, and that is Brotherly Love.

Darren Anselm is our newest Master Mason and will walk among his brothers in the lights, rights, and benefits of Masonic Tradition. Welcome Brother Anselm to your Fraternity.

And Part On The Level

From the West

Senior Warden John Davis

No Article Submitted

From the South

Junior Warden Jim Warriner


Our “Sweetheart Dinner” was very successful.
There was between 25 and 30 Masons and their family and friends in attendance. Brother Jon Torbert made the extra effort to locate and transport 3 Masonic widows to the dinner. We thank Jon for his efforts in helping with our Masonic obligations.

By the time this is received we will have conferred a Master Mason Degree on 25 February.

The dinner for our next Stated Communication will be “Chili Dogs” and “fixins”.

The next family and friends dinner will be on St. Patrick's Day (Mar 17th) and will be corned beef and cabbage. An appropriate donation of $10 would be appreciated. I am still looking for possible entertainment during dinner.

James Warriner Junior Warden

And Act,
By The Plumb