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March 2019 Trestle Board

posted Feb 28, 2019, 12:29 PM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Chris Smith


February was an active month for lodge visitation. We attended Belt lodge for their stated meeting on February 7th. WB Steve Lyons is doing a fine job of leading his lodge in the paths of truth and wisdom, and of coarse the dinner before the meeting was very good.

We also made a visit to Warren lodge for the EA degree. There were WMs and side liners from five lodges at that degree . It was a great honor to participate in the great and good work of Warren lodge that night. Thank you MWB Art Borland presiding WM.

I would also like to thank the brothers from 84 who attended these visitations. By doing these visits we lay the cement which bonds the stones of brotherhood together in our masonic society.

We will be attending Medford lodge for their dinner and stated meeting r on March 7th The carpool will be leaving GP.lodge at 5:45 to make it to the dinner by 6:30pm. the meeting starts at 7:30pm.

We will be conferring the FC degree upon brother Rick Webb on March 26th at 7pm so brethren mark that on your calendars and please attend and show your support for the craft.

And part on the square

From the West

Senior Warden Doug Sammis

No article submitted

From the South

Junior Warden John Davis


March is upon us and with that spring will be right around the corner. I encourage everyone to start planning a garden. I, for one, will be looking forward to starting my garden. I feel that the act of growing my own food encourages self-reliance and sense of accomplishment.

I will have some light food at 6:30 before our stated meeting on March 5th. After the meeting there will be some desert and coffee. Please let me know if you have any request for any light food or desert before our stated meeting in April.

We will also be conducting an Entered Apprentice degree on March 12th. I will have some light food before the meeting and something sweet to follow the meeting.

As I work on your physical nourishment please continue to nourish your heart and soul by surrounding yourself with family and friends.

John Davis
Junior Warden