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January 2019 Trestle Board

posted Dec 28, 2018, 9:49 PM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Chris Smith

Due to our first stated meeting of the ensuing Masonic year coinciding with the New Years holiday I have rescheduled the meeting for the following Tuesday the 8th at 7:30 pm. Food and beverage will be served before the meeting at 7:00 pm. I am looking forward to a year of enlightenment as we will be having educational presentations on Masonic symbolism and principles at each stated meeting. We will be having our annual past master dinner celebrating Worshipful Brother Keith Trahern's successful year as Master of the Lodge. It will commence at 6:30 pm January 22nd at Elmer's Restaurant. My Brothers it is my greatest honor to serve as Master of the Lodge for 2019 and I am very grateful for the confidence reposed in me by my brethren. Until we again meet on the level...HAPPY NEW YEAR...Worshipful Master Chris Smith

And Part,
On the Square

From the West

Senior Warden Doug Sammis

“Get to know your Brother.”

My Brothers,
Jon Torbert was Mason of the month during this past year. He was acknowledged by Oregon Grand Lodge for distinguished conduct in Masonic ethics and morals. Some from our home lodge say he does a great King Solomon for the Master Mason degree. I was one of many as his raised Master Masons at Grants Pass Lodge # 84.
Jim Lester creates outstanding Masons every time he passes his wisdom and knowledge to new good men who want to be even better. His work is best known by those who continue to grow in proficiencies of the craft. He provides a basis for those who would go onto improving oneself in Masonry.
Chris Smith is a product of his abilities to memorize lectures and much more of the Masonic degree work. As he has time to volunteer his talents to other lodges for their degree works, he becomes a legend proving how Masons meet on the level. He is a direct descendent of the Brothers listed above and now is our Lodge’s Worshipful Master for the ensuing year of 2019. It is my pleasure to follow his leadership and add to his successful and promising year.
I hope more of our brothers will make attendance at stated meetings and show how we appreciate Jon Torbert, Jim Lester and Chris Smith for promoting our Grants Pass Lodge #84 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons as one of the best in our State. I believe this will be a great year for Masonry.
Brothers, each month I may write about a few more I wish to acknowledge for the benefit of reasons why we are a fantastic fraternity. So tune in and let me know if you are getting and reading the trestle boards. Click here , and feel free to comment. I really would enjoy feedback regarding what is important to you about our lodge. Thanks....

And Meet,
On the Level

From the South

Junior Warden John Davis


Happy New Year! Let me start off by thanking you for electing me your Junior Warden for 2019. I look forward to serving the lodge. As the plum reminds us to demonstrate upright behavior; I will work hard as example to others in the lodge and our community.

I plan to continue to provide some lite food before stated meetings and a dessert immediately following the meeting. If you have any special requests for food and drink please bring it up to me; I am available for contract through email, phone, or text. I will continue to plan a few special dinners throughout the year. I look forward to continuing the Easter breakfast as well.

As I work on your physical nourishment please continue to nourish your heart and soul by surrounding yourself with family and friends.

And Act,
By the Plumb