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January 2017 Trestle Board

posted Dec 29, 2016, 11:34 AM by Robert Bigelow   [ updated Dec 29, 2016, 11:40 AM ]
From The East
Worshipful Master Steve Booth

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebration. December was a busy month for my family, three days after the installation we went to Disneyland for 6 days. Christmas made it especially fun our 7 year old granddaughter, she really enjoyed it, it was an awesome time. I apologize for missing the Christmas dinner, congratulations to Brian for receiving the Hiram award. Thank you to all who made the Jobs Daughter’s bake sale a big success, the girls felt bad because several were unable to be there due to illness. I hope everyone enjoyed the goodies.
I would like to invite you to the Jobs Daughter’s installation of officers it will be held Jan. 9th at 6:00. We have received three new petitions so they will be doing an initiation soon. It is very exciting to see the growth that is happening.

I would again like to thank Greg for all his help preparing me for the upcoming year.

And Part,
On the Square

From the West
Senior Warden Keith Trahern

Another year just is done! My, how quickly it went by. It’s a New Year, and wanted to thank everyone for a great year, 2016. It was a quick and busy year, and am looking forward to another fantastic year of 2017. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year with their friends and family.

From my heart I want to thank you for electing me Senior Warden - I am honored and will do my best to try and fulfill the duties of my position and “do-right” by the craft and those that served before me. Moving to the West, I am looking forward for the opportunity to support Worshipful Master Steve Booth in the East. I would also like to congratulate Worshipful Brother Greg Gilbert (PM), for his stewardship in the East, guiding our beloved Lodge through another year of challenges, while ever maintaining our high standards of ritual. I want to thank the many Brothers for their support throughout the year. As the new Senior Warden, I feel I’m leaving the South in the very capable hands of Brother Chris Smith, our New Junior Warden. I consider my time in the South a privilege, there were many helping hands along the way with Brothers ever ready to step up and help. I would like to congratulate all the Brethren who were appointed to their offices. I am very excited and look forward to working with them as well as the brethren in the upcoming years.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Installation of Officers on Sunday 12-04-16. We had large turnout at the Grand Masters visit and another large turnout at the Christmas Dinner. 

Thank You again for giving me this opportunity to serve as Senior Warden. It is indeed a great honor and privilege to serve Grants Pass Masonic Lodge #84 AM & FM through the 2017 Masonic Year.

God Bless all, and I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year.

And Meet,
On the Level

From the South
Junior Warden Chris Smith

The secret of masonry, like the secret of life can be known only by those who seek it, serve it and live it. It cannot be uttered, it can only be felt and acted. It is in fact an open secret and each man knows it according to his quest and capacity. Like all things worth knowing, no one can know it for another and no man can know it alone.
- Dr. Joseph Fort Newton, Clergyman, Freemason

Well, with that being said, I can tell you that it is no secret that the Past Master's roast will be held at Grants Pass Elmer's on January 17, 2017 at 6pm. We will be honorably roasting our friend and Past Master for 2016, worshipful brother, Greg Gilbert. So if you seek substance and fellowship come join us for dinner and laughs. The more the merrier.

And let the plumb be an ever reminder of that rectitude of conduct which should prevail among all freemasons.