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March 2017

posted Feb 28, 2017, 12:17 PM by Robert Bigelow
POOF Just like that February is Gone.

Seems like I just wrote this article. Been a very busy month. Since I am the one that is tardy in getting this in I will make it short. We have some Degrees coming up and I am looking forward to them and bringing more men into the Light of Masonry.

Hopefully this year will give our newer members a chance to get their ritual  tuned to get in the line and really make Three Great Lights the Lodge it has the potential to be. As many of you know I started in the line, but was called to things that pulled me from devoting the time needed. Two years ago I ran into WB Brian Beaudin and casually mentioned I would be willing to help and step in where ever the Lodge needed. Less than 24 hours later WB Greg Gilbert called on me to step up to JW. I agreed. Little rough at first, (sometimes really rough) but we are getting there. As I make my travel to the East I would like to work on all our Officers in the line on getting the Basic Proficiency. This is important and we can help each other in getting there. I was told to study the chair ahead of where I was just in case I had to jump in. That is good advice and I advise when you get your chair down, start working on the next. It makes life much easier when the time comes. It is amazing how much you learn by just watching and listening to what the officers say and do. As you move up the line as Stewards and Deacons there is nothing more important than rod work. It can make the floor work look so perfect especially when it is done in pairs and both, either Deacons or Stewards, move as one. I look forward to serving the lodge this next year and will do all I can to help those that are wanting to get in the line and progress through the chairs and become Master.

And Meet,
On the Level

Fraternally yours,
Keith C. Trahern
Senior Warden