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January 2018

posted Dec 22, 2017, 3:32 PM by Robert Bigelow
“Building the Temple One Mason at a time.”


Starting this new year can provide us with greater growth in our Fraternity. “How can we better serve each other” will be a Theme for the ensuing year. I’ll begin with an example, and as a Junior Warden, for our January Stated meeting, we will serve dinner between 6 and 6:45. For the menu, Spaghetti with meat sauce – toasted Garlic bread and a small green salad. Mystery Dessert will follow the meeting. Oh, and please welcome your ladies. Let’s pitch in $6 each to help cover the cost. It is nice to know how many are interested too. Please email that you want to do dinner and how many. I surely don’t want to run out of food for our first month’s get together.

Each Tuesday throughout the month providing there are functions or degree practice, I would like some ideas from our brethren what kind of refreshments they would like to have. Our Senior and Junior Stuarts can take your requests also.

I’m reminded that some of our Masonic Brothers don’t have email, so I would encourage everyone to simply call Brothers, connecting with one or many to confirm they are hearing about our Lodge functions and events.

I have Brothers and among them I would like to strengthen our relationships. Doing more together does more for each one of us. Have you got something we might be able to help with? Go ahead, reach out, make your day…

And Act by the Plumb