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February 2018 Trestle Board

posted Jan 23, 2018, 4:43 PM by Robert Bigelow   [ updated Jan 23, 2018, 4:57 PM ]

From the East

Worshipful Master Keith Trahern


Well we have our first meeting of the year under our belt.
We had an Official Visit from the District Deputy RWB John Lohrfink,
Lodge of Sorrow, Balloting on a reinstatement, Passed our Budget for the
year, had official Visit from Medford Lodge #103 and three sitting Masters.
All in one night and it was a great meeting. Even with all that we were
just a little over and hour. Thank You to all those that attended.

One of the things we changed is we moved the Officers meeting to the
Third Tuesday. The reasoning behind it is it gives us time to write our
Trestleboard Articles and talk about upcoming events and things happening
in the Lodge. .

One of the things we should be doing is working with-in “Our Cable Tow”.
What does that mean? Well for each person it is different. For some we
have taken the plunge and said we will go through the line and made the
commitment to be at Lodge almost every Tuesday. For others it may be
to show up to a meeting every now and then or at an event. We do what we
can to better Masonry and we should be doing what we can to better ourselves.
What we should not be doing is making excuses, but on the other hand
if we cannot commit to coming almost every Tuesday how about making a
Stated Meeting every other month. Heck, we might consider this is a good
way to close off the outside world for about an hour. As I said, we have to
try to better ourselves, but we all understand we have jobs, families, work
and other reasons that keep us from coming. By No means am I chastising.
Anyone that knows me, knows that I am far from perfect. I just want us ALL
to be better men, fathers and heads of the community. To be the Example.
One of the ways we are going to be doing this is to have some small Masonic
Education during Lodge. This way we can learn something and it is not all just
Business. The Goal is “To make good men better”. Well to do that we need
to help, encourage and doing more things together.

“If you see something wrong and don’t correct it, you have set a new standard”

And Part,
On The Square

From the West

Senior Warden Chris Smith

There is a certain code of honor that our ancient brethren and the knights of the medieval ages had in common; our order was founded on those principles. That code of honor is what attracted me to Freemasonry. It is indispensably necessary for us as Freemasons to endeavor to live by that code of honor, to be the example and set the standard for our youth to live by. To not let the complacency of technology erase our memories of the nobility of chivalry.
It is our duty as elders to set our youth on the right path. As the yearly cycle of life begins again we must never forget that as elders we are the farmers and our youth are the seeds in the ground germinating that will inevitably grow into the crops that will feed the world.

And so shall we ever
Meet on the level

From the South

Junior Warden Doug Sammis

Greetings from the South.
How about this new year, I hope to be part of making it a good one. We have some fine officers in the line and some fine members who are studying hard and eager to continue in our ranks.
I want to share a few words about “Home Lodge” To me as a Masonic Member, a brother, this Home Lodge represents the most familiar of places which adds to a relief of day to day stress. The attendance and participation of members show the new and uninformed how important it is to be a faithful and worthy brother. To be faithful, and to be worthy you must practice what you have learned in the lodge. The burden of teaching is not the sole duty of one but is on every brother. Let’s learn more about our Lodge history so we can pass it onto visiting brothers. We now have pride and honor of our Home Lodge, making a chance for the connection with brothers while sharing info of our respective lodges. You want to know them as they want to know you. We want to practice what we learn because it is important that through this practice of the principles of Masonry we become a better person. We then show the world that Masonry is not just for its members and that it works for the good of all. When visiting other lodges, you may be asked What Lodge are you from? How old is your lodge? Who is your Worshipful Master? On average, how many members attend meetings? How many members does your Lodge have? What days do you meet? Answer these questions, and then let them know that your Lodge is moving forward. When you visit other lodges, be in regular attendance to your Home Lodge, because, you must know home to be a traveler.
It is my wish that each of you can share more about your Home Lodge over the course of this year.

And Act
By the Plumb

Our upcoming Stated meeting for February 6 th will prepare dinner and consist of a stir fry with beef or chicken, beverages, and dessert. Please RSVP so we know how much food we will need. Dinner serves between 6 and 6:45. We had a good turnout for the last dinner and expect at $6 a plate to have even more brothers show up. Please email to RSVP and let us know if you would like to bring your Lady.

Report from DeMolay
Grants Pass DeMolay is active and growing. DeMolay started in Kansas City in 1919. DeMolay is a fraternity for young men ages 12 – 21. It is an international organization with Chapters all over the world. These chapters have business meetings to plan fun events, fundraisers, service projects, and more. DeMolay teaches crucial skills for the corporate world and helps make valuable connections. DeMolay Installation will be held Friday, March 23rd at 6:30 pm. You are all invited to attend. One Fund Raiser the Grants Pass DeMolay is pursuing is offering to come help you – For an appropriate donation, we will clean up your yard, haul or move items too heavy for you to move or any other small jobs you may have for us to do. You will get a minimum of two young men and one adult supervisor. Please come and visit our meetings – First and Third Wednesdays – 7 – 8:30 pm.

Ethan Burchette, Master Councilor, Grants Pass DeMolay Chapter