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February 2017 Trestle Board

posted Jan 23, 2017, 3:03 PM by Robert Bigelow   [ updated Jan 23, 2017, 3:06 PM ]

From the East
Worshipful Master Steve Booth


The stormy weather we had in January caused many challenges for everyone. Due to the weather the stated meeting scheduled for the 3rd was changed to the 10th . At the stated meeting we voted on a petition for degrees from Jeff Dinicola. Jeff is the father of our newest Jobbie his family is a wonderful addition to the Masonic family. We will be doing degree work in February and March. February 21 will be the FC degree for Isaac Hamilton, Feb 28 EA for Ed Pogue and March 14 EA for Jeff Dinicola.

The Past Master's roast was on the 17th it was well attended and a lot of fun, I hope we were not too hard on WB Greg. Thank you for the wonderful year, you did a great job.

On February 14th we will be having our Valentine’s Dinner. Please plan to attend and bring your Sweetheart. This is a good opportunity to invite prospective members and those who we don’t see often, reach out to our brothers offer a ride or just encourage them to attend. Please let us know if you are attending so we have proper head count.

And Part,
On the Square

From the West
Senior Warden Keith Trahern


As we move on to February I want to start by saying how grateful I am to be working directly under WM Steve Booth. I have known WM Booth for many years and have always had much respect for him, but you never totally know about someone until you start working with them. I have to say I am impressed as he has a vision of what he wants and will do all I can to support him. We also need to support our JW Chris Smith by coming to the Valentines Day Dinner at the Lodge on the February 14th. I will see you there and it should be fun.

This year has started out a little rough with the weather, but I am sure as the light begins to lengthen our day we should look for was to take advantage to shine more light in Masonry. Physical light when it shines gives warmth and helps things grow, as we should be trying to do. We can shine the light on others in the Lodge and help them grow as men and Masons. Plus we can be shining examples of Masonry in our community.

One of the things we are going to be working on is our communication. As we all know the world is changing and the types of communication vary. We are working on getting regular updates on the website, Facebook page and continue with the other avenues that we use. There is a growing interest among Millennials regarding Masonry. With the Facebook page we can share and learn. This will also help with quick updates that need to be announced.

Much more to be discussed and looking forward to the New Year.

God Bless all, and wish everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year.

And Meet,
On the Level

Fraternally yours,
Keith C. Trahern
Senior Warden

From the South
Junior Warden Chris Smith

"The magic in these Masonic rituals is very, very old. And way back in those days, it worked. As time went on, and it started being used for spectacle, to consolidate what were only secular appearances of power, it began to lose its zip. But the words, moves, and machinery have been more or less faithfully carried down over the millennia, through the grim rationalizing of the World, and so the magic is still there, though latent, needing only to touch the right sensitive head to reassert itself." - Thomas Pynchon


February will be quite active starting of course with stated meeting Feb 7th at 7pm and, yes there will be refreshments.

Next, Feb 14th, Valentine's Dinner. Because this is the evening that celebrates the true magic of life, so gentlemen don't let her miss out on smoked pot roast, mashed potatoes & gravy, veggies and desert. Sounds good, dinner is at 6:30.

We have degrees planned for the rest of the month starting with a Fellow Craft degree Feb 21st at 7pm. There are many words of wisdom in this one. Feb 28th after the officers meeting at 6:30 we will be doing an Entered Apprentice degree. Wouldn't it be amazing for the candidate to hear the rumble and clap of a lodge full of freemasons when being brought to light for the first time.

And Act,
By the Plumb