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December 2019 Trestle Board

posted Dec 1, 2019, 5:11 PM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Chris Smith

A Brothers Journey

From time in immemorial it has been said freemasonry makes good men better. I am one who may attest to this fact. My journey from darkness to light commenced in April 2011, when a blind man was led to the outer gate of the temple of philosophy and was instructed to knock on the door to gain admission, knowing not what lie within the mysterious realm. I passed through the three degrees of masonry. I remember even after my first proficiency, I had gained a feeling of self confidence that I have never experienced before. By my third proficiency I realized I had the ability to memorize paragraphs of ritual work. Within the first year I begain to memorize and deliver lectures, I felt like I had been reinvented. As the years passed, I was invited to lecture at all the lodges in District 17, a most distinguished honor.

My Brothers,
Freemasonry has made this man better than he was and I feel like I can learn anything, handle more stress and in general my mental fortitude has increased significantly. All of this, of course was not easy, it took 1000s of hours of personal study and many more hours of coaching from worshipful brother, Jim Lester. who took the time to meet with me every Sunday for several years. Thank you for your dedication, and trust in me to carry on this honorable endeavor, I am grateful.

Freemasonry has had a positive impact on my life.. I want to thank all the brothers that have helped guide me through the path on this eight year journey. Now that I am approaching the final weeks in the East, I am experiencing this sense of accomplishment as if I have completed some great and important undertaking or shall we say the completion of the temple.

To all my brethren at Grants Pass Lodge #84 and all the lodges of District 17, who have shown me hospitality, given me recognition and paid me respect, I thank you and am very proud to live and walk amongst all my brothers in this great fraternity. I shall continue to do so.

Part on the Square,
Worshipful Master

From the West

Senior Warden Doug Sammis

A simple message to all my brothers, wishing you and your families all that is safe, healthy, and full of
fun for the holidays...
Here are some dates to remember in December:
** Tuesday December 3rd is our stated meeting. Starts at the usual time (7:30 (PM). This will be the
last meeting for Worshipful Brother Chris Smith, and a good attendance would help boost our
morale for other events that follow in this month.
** Saturday, December 7th is our Installation of Officers for 2020. Begins at 10:30 (AM).
Refreshments afterwards. Please show up early for signing in and seating.
** Saturday, December 7th 6 (PM). The Grants Pass Masons will participate in the annual downtown
Christmas Parade. We will have a float too. Details at the Stated Meeting.
** Tuesday December 10th is our Christmas / Awards Banquet beginning around 5:30 (PM). Dinner
at 6:30.
Watch for your Sunday weekly calendar for other announcements later in the month.
Please go to our website – Grants Pass Masonic Lodge # 84 and update your information for
receiving alerts-announcements. Or, call the lodge at 541-476-3357 and leave a number / message
for further help.

Thanks to all the brothers and their families for supporting your local Masonic Lodge.


From the South

Junior Warden John Davis