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December 2018 Trestle Board

posted Dec 1, 2018, 10:07 PM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Keith Trahern


Greetings from the East.

Well this will be my last Trestle Board Article. We had our Elections and I am very excited to see Brother Chris Smith take over as Worshipful Master of the Lodge. He has the great help from the upcoming SW Doug Sammis and JW John Davis. Both are already planning the next things for the upcoming year. I also want to congratulate our newest EA Rick Web for taking the first step in Masonry. I went to the Shriners Christmas Party and had a great time and the food was excellent.

We have some upcoming Events that I hope you don’t miss.
--Dec 9th, 2018 at 5:30 pm will be the Installation of our new Officers.
--Dec 11th, 2018 at 6:30 pm is our Christmas Dinner
Please advise JW Doug Sammis if and how many will be attending.

Last Month I hit on something close to my heart about the Masonic family and how we help each other. So this month I am going to ask a favor. With Thanksgiving and Christmas there are many charities that are helping those in the community and God bless them. What I am asking is to look for what I call the “Working Poor” and many of elderly that just can’t get out or afford much. Most times the working poor are those that working hard, but really can’t afford much for themselves or their families and don’t qualify for assistance. Many times both the elderly and the working poor are too prideful to let anyone know they are struggling. With our Masonic Charity hearts we need to be watchful for them and try to help. Some of the ways is a small something from us or I have been approached by several local churches that are looking for specifically these types of cases. So please let me know and I can pass it on to them. I think it is up to us to be the example.

In all my Trestle Board Articles the quotes at the end are from famous Masons. I just find them inspiring.

“Freemasonry is a science of symbols, in which, by their proper study, a search is instituted after truth, that truth consisting in the knowledge of the divine and human nature of God and the human Soul.”

Dr. A. G. MacKey

With that said I want to thank everyone, especially my Officers for a great year.

And Part,
On The Square

From the West

Senior Warden Chris Smith

I would like to begin by saying I am grateful for the confidence reposed in me by my brethren by electing me Worshipful Master for 2019 and I would especially like to thank those who have given me their time and support through my Masonic journey to the East. It will be my honor and greatest privilege to serve the lodge as Master through the ensuing year. The annual Installation of Officers will held on Saturday evening December 8 at 5:30 pm. Dinner will be served after the ceremony at no charge there will be a choice of pot roast or baked chicken with scalloped potatoes and Caesar salad.

This is an open installation so family members and friends are invited.

Until we meet again my brethren,

And meet,
On the level

From the South

Junior Warden Doug Sammis

Greetings from the South.

Your Lodge has been and will always be your extended home, home for my brothers and sisters, and their families (most welcomed). I can remember how I felt about our Fraternity when I took my oath and became a Master Mason. I began some years later after working as Treasurer to move up in the stations beginning as a Junior Steward. It was preparing me to move on to Senior Warden and support Chris Smith in his year as Master of his Lodge. As important as this position is, my Brothers who follow are as worthy of my support as Chris, for they will be preparing our Lodge in better and different ways to secure our extended home with their own personalities for the ensuing years. I pray Lord that you continue to bless our Lodge Home.

It is now December 2018. Let us enjoy coming together at our Lodge for the holiday. We will celebrate Christmas / Hanukkah at the Lodge for dinner on the 11th of December, which is on a Tuesday beginning at 5:30 PM, dinner at 6:30 PM. I hope that the word gets out to all our brothers, sisters, and widows to come for this free dinner. If you know some who do not get email, would you please let them know? I would like to get a count so we will have enough food. This year Papa Terrell’s BBQ has agreed to prepare our dinner. Please reply to and click on the following email address: and type your name and how many are coming.

Thanks to those who have acknowledged seeing the trestle board last month. It always helps to receive your email, saying that you got it. So, please feel free to add any ideas and or comments as well. This outreach can always be made better. Please Email your reply to: or call 541-476-3357 - leave your name and say you saw this month’s trestle board.

And Act
By the Plumb