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April 2020 Trestle Board

posted Mar 26, 2020, 9:01 AM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Doug Sammis

My Brothers,
The TALK of the day is, the month that was. “Be safe and shelter at home”. March 2020, a
pandemic virus and the invisible enemy visits Southern Oregon. I hope all our brothers, sisters,
and families are keeping safe as we usher in April. Our calendar is busy with planned meetings,
dinners, and appendant organizations who use our lodge building. The news is 24/7 about the
progress our governments and local medical organizations continue to report. We should be
aware that congregating at the lodge in April is still in question. I will send out a more positive
message as soon as we receive news from the Grand Lodge that this virus risk is less and we are
reasonably safe to operate using our calendar going forward for April. The web reports are
many about the contaminate curve affecting our country as it may be rounding down. Okay,
some Baby Boomers in our area may not have been tested yet, but we are a relative healthy
and active community for how we share our message, “IT’S THE CLIMATE”. So why not believe
in our area as it’s the healthy climate. And, no Coronavirus allowed here.
On a side note. Interacting in a changing environment can be challenging. We are faced with
new opportunities learning how, with existing technology, to have fun staying in touch and
connected. I personally have found face time, skype, and other apps on my mobile device, and
home computer, or laptop that brings families and friends by video into each other’s home in a
safe way. Fun - fun – fun and lots of good positive hope thinking is not a bad idea to keep in
one’s mental process.
We handed out keys to have access to the new lock of the lodge. If you have an old key and
need a new one, please get in touch with the Lodge office.
Also, several projects are in scheduling for the summer months. 1) The Lodge Altar square is
getting a makeover. It was during Greg Gilbert’s time as Master that the lodge approved
replacing it with a more suitable design. 2) Our HVAC ( heating and air condition ) system has
been bid on and funding help has been requested from the Grand Lodge. 3) The ceiling fans in
the lodge room are in disrepair and will be replaced. 3) Our dining room floor is in need of
replacement, and a program is needed to fund it. 4) Brenda Parker worked up a report for
bringing our kitchen into credentialed status. Paint, cookware, throwing away aluminum pots,
addressing refrigeration equipment, rearrange and clean the mechanical room, maintenance on
the dishwasher, and a makeover of the pantry was among concerns and recommendations. 5)
Beginning in May, our cemetery will be getting much needed landscape maintenance and a new
watering system to help maintain it. In memory of Jim Ford and his diligent cemetery works, he
is much missed.
And Part On The Level

From the West

Senior Warden John Davis

Out on Deployment

From the South

Junior Warden Jim Warriner

Our Family and Friends St. Patrick's Day dinner
was cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus. The
Grand Master has also cancelled all Lodge
functions in Oregon until at least the first of April.
The District Deputy has cancelled his spring visits.
This leaves little for your Junior Warden to
report in terms of refreshments and meals. I have
excellent support from the Stewards (Brothers
David Jones and Chris Ford) and we have some
taste tempting ideas for when activities resume.
I will be calling or emailing many of the
brothers to assist me in compiling a cast list for
District 17 of those who are able and willing to aid
other lodges in degree conferal. This may be for
lectures, charges, or to fill a needed office for a
It is my optimistic hope that the May Trestle
Board will reflect an active and harmonious air in
Grants Pass #84, District 17, and Masonry aoumd
the world.

James Warriner Junior Warden

And Act,
By the Plumb