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April 2019 Trestle Board

posted Apr 3, 2019, 9:16 PM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Chris Smith

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From the West

Senior Warden Doug Sammis

“What did you come here to learn”

My Brothers,
It is time I get behind and push this bus up the hill.

Consider a time when you became involved with Masonry of the most important reason that made you want to take that first obligation at the altar as an Entered Apprentice Mason. We all come from a place where our individuality plays to the reason why we submitted to the rest of the work and became Masons.

Now the stage is set. I met Clay Francis while working at my office one day 13 years ago. He passed a couple of years later at 94 years old. He presented me to Grants Pass Masonic Lodge with my petition and asked me if I believed in God. There was more to the conversation that convinced me to try and find out more about this good man. This story has much of the same earmarks that other now Masons experienced when they felt the relief that there was something more than being good men. People like Clay Francis, Bob Hamilton, Davey Jones, Bob Jones, Greg Gilbert, Tren Acton and many more have, and can share their individual reasons as to why they came to that door knocking. I am humbled by their walk in Masonry. Y’all can see it in their actions towards others in this Fraternity, and don’t have to look very far to see how better men they all are. I feel a bit more of the passions reigned in within me, and yeah, improvement in my walk in Masonry. Asking one to be one was my beginning, but with my ongoing relationship with the many brothers, I am getting to know better what makes this story grow stronger each and every day.

So, thank you my brothers for making this Fraternity everything I hoped it would be. I Hope to be spending more time with you and, “PART ON THE LEVEL”.

From the South

Junior Warden John Davis


April is here and so is spring. That means Easter will be here shortly. We will be having our annual Easter breakfast of waffles, eggs, and sausage on April 21 st from 8am to 1130am. The cost for breakfast will be $10. So, bring your families and friends and sit down for some food and good company.

I will also be working on the outdoor degree for July. Please let me know if you
have recommendations or request for the caterer for that event.

I plan to have some light food at 6:30 before our stated meeting on April 2nd.
After the meeting there will be some desert and coffee.

We have some new candidate petitions coming in and I hope each brother welcomes any new candidates they meet. I would encourage inviting them to coffee and lunch at the Goldminer.

John Davis
Junior Warden