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April 2018 Trestle Board

posted Mar 30, 2018, 3:45 PM by Robert Bigelow

From the East

Worshipful Master Keith Trahern


March went very well mostly. At stated meeting we draped the Altar for WB Rynd Miller. On the 18th of March we had a Masonic Funeral for WB Rynd Miller. It was very well attended and had a little over 140 Masons from all over the State. Quite a tribute to Rynd. The rest of the month for me has been kind of a Blur. I have missed quite a few meetings and other events due to the Cold/Flu. All better now and ready to hit it. Demolay had their installation on March 23rd. One of my old Demolay Buddies was in attendance and called me to let me know we have a great Master Councilor that has potential to go far in the organization. Let’s support them and our Jobies as much as possible. They are our future.

Up coming we have our 67th Jack Brownell Memorial Easter Breakfast
--April 1st at the Lodge from 8-11:00
--April 3rd Stated Meeting. There will be a meal from 6-6:45pm
--April 10th we will be traveling to Belt Lodge for a FC Degree
--April 17th Officers meeting at 6:30pm and then we will conducting a
EA Degree for Warren Lodge
--April 24th we will be working on Torchlight and Degree practice.
--May 1st Stated Meeting.

As a reminder we moved the Officers meeting to the Third Tuesday.

“Blessed is the servant who loves his brother as much when he
is sick and useless as when he is well and can be of service to him.”

And Part,
On The Square

From the West

Senior Warden Chris Smith

Dear Brethren,


Wherever you may chance to be
Wherever you may roam,
Far away in foreign lands;
Or just at Home Sweet Home;
It always gives you pleasure,
it makes your heart strings hum
Just to hear the words of cheer,
"I see you've traveled some."

When you get a brother's greeting,
And he takes you by the hand,
it thrills you with a feeling
that you cannot understand,
You feel that bond of brotherhood
that tie that's sure to come
When you hear him say in a friendly way
"I See You've Traveled Some."

And if you are a stranger,
In strange lands all alone
if fate has left you stranded
Dead broke and far from home,
it thrills-makes you numb,
When he says with a grip of fellowship,
"I See You've Traveled Some."

And when your final summons comes,
To take a long last trip,
Adorned with Lambskin Apron white
and gems of fellowship
The Tyler at the Golden Gate,
With square and rule and thumb
Will size up your pin and say "Walk In",
"I See You've Traveled Some."

In memory of Brother Rynd Miller.

Lets talk about the upcoming happenings with Lodge:

April 10th,- Belt Lodge in Kerby will be holding a Fellowcraft Degree at 6:00 pm. We have several participants from our home Lodge. The Belt Lodge has given us great support for our lodge, lets show our support for our brothers! Please plan to attend this degree.

On April 17th, we will be hosting an EA degree for Warren Lodge. . Refreshments are at 6 30 pm, the degree commences at 7:00 pm, please arrive early to give a hand. It is imperative that we show our support for our fellow lodge and brothers.

Until we meet again, on the level,

Chris Smith, Senior Warden

From the South

Junior Warden Doug Sammis

Greetings from the South.

We are approaching a season in the year that signifies a rebirth in nature’s fantastic earthly show. I hope to demonstrate as the earth tilts on its axis we are influenced in our walk on this sphere while it spins at the rate of 24,000 miles per hour. Are you ready? Do you feel the spin? Well here it comes and get ready to fly.

My brothers, you are in a Lodge of Free Masonry and have been raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. You had your start as we all have and passed to your second degree. Do you remember those? I commemorate my dates and remember how becoming that last degree made a difference in how I viewed my daily walk. It is not much different from seeing the changes that the Great Architect presents over the course of Spring’s new life which is manifested right outside. Yes, we can spin in space at phenomenal speeds and never fly into the beyond. Rooted in this Fraternity, in this lodge, and with my brothers, I feel a lifting within and still well grounded. Is it something new? Do you sense a reinvigorating force when you know that this is your home lodge? Let’s have a great month this April.

There is plenty of Masonic history and education, and we can do more in our development while we become better men. Share moments with your brothers as to why you continue in this Fraternity. I’m proud to call you my brother in Masonry.

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And Act by the Plumb

Tuesday April 3rd beginning at any time between 6 and 6:45 PM on our Stated Meeting night, we will serve a light dinner and refreshment. Cost is only $6. A confection of sorts will follow after the meeting.